• Pastor Shea

Three Things

This time of quarantine and social distancing has impacted our lives in numerous ways. However, God is also using this time to open opportunities to serve and love our community like never before. We’ve had opportunities over the past couple of weeks to provide groceries, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and other odds and ends to families in our community. These opportunities have opened the door for us to share the Gospel and invite people to our church.

This weekend alone we had over 250 people join us online for our Easter message. That’s more than we’ve ever had before and I believe just the beginning of what God is going to do through our church.

I want to encourage you this week to do three things:

  1. Take the extra time you may have right now and spend additional time reading the Bible and praying. Ask God to do a work in you, our church, and the world that we’ve never seen before. We serve a big God and I believe He delights in us asking and trusting Him with big prayers.

  2. Look for ways to serve your neighbors. Get involved on your neighborhood social media pages and talk with others. Offer to provide for needs in the community. The church is here to help with needs if it is beyond your financial or physical ability.

  3. Continue to give financially to the church. Our mission of engaging people to live the life of a Jesus follower is still happening. Doors are opening for us to bring life and freedom to those hurting in our community. Let’s help them see Freedom Life Church as a community of Jesus followers who are here to serve and care for them. Through our service God will continue to open doors for the Gospel to be proclaimed and lives to be changed.

I’m thankful to be on this journey of a Jesus follower at Freedom Life with each of you. I want to continue to serve our community but I hope you know I care for each of you as well. Please let me know if you are in need of anything or just need to talk and pray. I love you and am here for you!

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