• Pastor Shea

The Reality of Hell

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

God has been working in my heart and growing my passion for sharing the Gospel. Walking through the ONE series has been extremely helpful to me in my prayer life and in living on mission for Jesus. I hope you are experiencing the same conviction to share Jesus with more people.

We talked last Sunday about the reality of hell from the book of Luke, ch. 16. In this passage of scripture, Jesus talked extensively about the reality of hell. In fact, Jesus spoke on hell three times more often than heaven! If Jesus saw the need to talk about hell that often, it should be something at the forefront of our mind as well.

Hell is real. It's eternal. It's a place of pain, of fear, of sadness, of separation. Check out the sermon video for more.

As a Jesus follower, we no longer have to worry about hell for ourselves. We made a decision to repent of our sins and follow Jesus, therefore our eternity is secured in heaven with Jesus. However, 90% of those in our community are headed to hell. This means 446,231 people are headed to hell in Chandler and Gilbert. It breaks my heart to know that many people live close to me and don’t know Jesus.

THIS is why we came to Arizona and started Freedom Life Church; THIS is why we’re on a mission to engage people to live the life of a Jesus follower: we desire to see people experience life in Jesus and be set free from the pain of sin.

The best way for us to make an impact in our community is to lead people to Jesus, one person at a time. We’re challenging you this year to pick one person you know doesn’t know Jesus and begin praying for them. There are prayer journals in the back of the worship room each week and you can grab one at any time. These journals will help you pray specifically for your one person for 30 days.

I encourage you to not just pray for them, but also begin seeking opportunities to share the Gospel or bring them to church with you. You can be confident that they will be welcomed and will hear about the love of Jesus at every service or Life Group.

Lastly, as I studied for last week's message, my worship for Jesus increased. It increased because I was reminded of all that Jesus has saved me from here on earth and also from spending eternity in hell. I encourage you to take time and praise God for His salvation in your life. This is what we were made for; when we worship God, we are fulfilling our primary purpose of being close to Him.

I love you all and am praying for you and your ONE throughout the week. Please let

me know if I can be praying about anything specific.

Pastor Shea

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