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The Mirror Never Lies - James Series (4/26/20)

Looking into the Word of God tells you who you really are. What you truly believe is displayed by your actions made in response to what you see in His Word.

Proposition: I want to encourage you today to begin a practice of taking time in God’s Word. Be unhurried, with humility, and be honest with yourself about what you “hear” in His Word, so that you become one whose actions reflect the same grace of God that is saving you.

Follow up questions:

  • What makes it so difficult for us to face truth about ourselves?

  • Why is James’ use of a mirror (as illustration) so powerful to all of us today, no matter our age?

  • Why is it so hard to spend time "face down” contemplating God’s Word?

  • Who does the true “mirror,” God’s Word, say that you are? Why?

  • Do you typically compare yourself to Christ or others, or yourself against yourself - trying to be better than you used to be? Why?

  • Are there other believers or non-believer who would know you as a “doer” and not a “hearer only”? What makes them recognize that?

  • What are practical steps that you can take today to shift from getting “fat” on spiritual things to becoming one who exercises what he/she learns; to become a “doer who acts.”

  • Before we race to find opportunities in general, what about those things that James lists specifically: Widows and Orphans. Are there ways that you can get involved or lead the development of ministry in these areas?

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