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ONE Series

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

"...our primary call in life is to be with Jesus just as His first disciples were with Him."

Message from Pastor Shea

I enjoyed kicking off our ONE series on Sunday. We started this series talking about what it means to be a Christian from the Bible. When we understand and apply what it means to follow Jesus, like the first disciples did, it will change our lives.

My prayer is that each of us walked away encouraged and challenged on Sunday. I hope encouragement came from learning God chose us not because of our ability but because of His love for us. I hope a challenge was presented to live our lives on mission to lead others to be followers of Jesus as well. Catch the sermon in the video link below.

Remember, our primary call in life is to be with Jesus just as His first disciples were with Him.

This means we need to spend time each day in His Word, getting to know God personally. We cannot know Jesus anymore than we know His Word.

If you don’t have a regular Bible reading plan or devotional I encourage you to begin by reading through the book of John or start with the 90 day reading plan (attached) through the New Testament. I’m reading through this plan right now and will finish the week of Easter.

My hope and prayer is that each of us will not only know more about Jesus through our time with Him in His Word but we’ll be thinking and living like Jesus as well.

When we live like Jesus we will fulfill His mission of leading others to follow Him.

I know it can seem overwhelming to think about trying to win the world to Jesus. So, we asked the question, “Who’s your one?” on Sunday. This narrows it down for each of us to ONE person at a time.

Who’s the ONE person that you are going to pray for and intentionally engage with for the purpose of leading them to Jesus? We handed out bookmarks and a 30 day prayer journal to help begin this journey for each of us. I have my ONE person and am praying for Him each day and actively seeking opportunities to spend time with Him so I can talk about Jesus.

Please let me know if you didn’t receive a bookmark and prayer journal on Sunday. I’ll be glad to bring one to you so you can join in on the journey of changing this world ONE person at a time.

I encourage those of you with children to invite them on the journey of reaching ONE person as well.

Amber and I talked with our kids at dinner on Sunday night and gave each of them a prayer journal. This is a great way of discipling your kids to follow Jesus by living on mission just like Him.

I truly believe we can impact our community by loving people ONE person at a time.

One of my mentors challenged me with this statement: “Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.” If each of us will take this challenge to heart and live with the confidence that God can reach our ONE through us then we will see a great awakening for Christ in our community!

I believe in you and I’m thankful to be living on mission with you. Please let me know if I can be praying about anything specific for you this week.

In Christ,

Pastor Shea

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