Decisions Now, That Affect Eternity: James Series (4-5-20)

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Trials in our lives help us evaluate what is most important.

Just like a sharp shooter must have a dialed-in scope to hit their target, we as followers of Jesus need a laser focus on what is most important to help us navigate the trials of life with joy and peace from Jesus.

Join us today as Pastor Shea talks about residing in our faith and making decisions that have eternal value instead of things that easily pass away.

Reflection Questions:

What stuck out to you the most in the message? What was challenging? What was encouraging?

What has increased in value for you while going through a trial in life? What has lost value while going through a trial?

Where do you gain your confidence in life? Is it in what you have accomplished or in who Jesus says you are? What makes resting in who Jesus says you are so difficult?

Pastor Shea talked about obtaining the “crown of life” from Jesus by describing four different crowns. Which of the four crowns caught your attention the most? Which do you wish you lived with more today?

  • Crown of Flowers: Living with a mindset of celebration and joy

  • Crown of Royalty: Living as a child of the King

  • Crown of Laurel Leaves: Living in victory

  • Crown of Honor & Dignity: Living in wisdom from listening and obeying

Have your struggles/trials in life made you more reliant upon Christ and experience His glory?

How have you experienced more intimacy with Jesus through trials?

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