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"Come and See."

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Growing up, I hated being called on to answers questions in the classroom. I would make sure I’d raise my hand if I DID know the answer, in hopes that the teacher would not call on me for questions to which I DIDN'T know the answer.

Later in life I realized not knowing the answer wasn’t a bad thing, but rather an opportunity for me to learn and often bring others with me on the journey of learning.

As followers of Jesus, our ONE mission is to share the Gospel with other people and help them know Jesus. This mission can be scary because we may be asked questions we don’t know the answers to. Don’t let that fear stop you!

We read last Sunday in John 1 where Phillip received a hard question from Nathaniel. Phillip's response was, “Come and see!” This is a great response to questions you receive from your ONE. You can invite them to come and see what God is doing at Freedom Life Church either on Sunday or even at your Life Group. Watch the Sunday sermon below where I go through the Three Circles exercise which can help lead you in a discussion about salvation with your ONE.

A lot of excuses can pop up in our heads or lives when we’re seeking to live the mission of Jesus.

I encourage you to go through the list below and recognize any excuses you may be using and repent of them. Trust that Jesus will give you the boldness and wisdom of what to say as you live on mission.

Common Excuses:

1. SPIRITUAL LETHARGY: This takes place when we fail to obey. A lack of growth inevitably leads to a diminished desire to share Christ with others.

2. GROWING INCLUSIVENESS: “All religions lead to God” is a prevailing opinion. Sometimes this view affirms Jesus is not the only way to salvation, but He can be found in other “good religions.” It’s a subtle belief that somehow “good” followers will make it to heaven outside of true Christian conversion.

3. DISBELIEF IN HELL: This undermines the urgency of placing one’s faith in Christ alone. One must escape the wrath of God, and Jesus is the only refuge.

4. BUSYNESS: The unchurched need us to tell them about Jesus. This needs to be on our to-do list. What priority do you give to reaching the lost?

5. FEAR OF REJECTION: Research shows that only one in four unchurched persons will be resistant to faith discussions; 75% 
are open. The few with an antagonistic attitude are not rejecting you personally; their anger is merely a reflection of something in their past.

6. A DESIRE TO BE TOLERANT: The Gospel is, in some sense, intolerant. The one true God insists there can be no other gods. He is a jealous God. The Christian message speaks of a “narrow way” and “no other name under heaven” and “I am the way... .”

7. LOSING THE HABIT OF WITNESSING: For many reasons, you may have quit witnessing. Witnessing is a discipline. It can be regained!

8. LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY: When you have someone holding you accountable, it can increase your zeal for witnessing.

9. FAILURE TO INVITE: When was the last time you invited an unchurched person to church? Have you offered to take someone to church or meet them? It’s such a simple gesture that can have a significant outcome.

I hope and pray that you are encouraged and challenged to live on mission for Jesus.

As I’ve been praying the last couple of weeks, God has been opening doors to connect with my ONE more frequently. On Sunday, I got to spend about 30 minutes talking with Him about God and sharing the Gospel. He gave me some hard questions and his personal views throughout the conversation. I didn’t always have a great answer but I did have my testimony and most importantly God’s Word to answer him. At the end of the conversation I invited him to church and we agreed to talk about Jesus even more.

I’m praying you get these opportunities with your ONE as well! I know that God will open doors for you as you seek Him and ask Him in prayer.

I love you all and look forward to seeing you this weekend.

God bless,

Pastor Shea

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